Thrills Free Spins

Are you looking for free spins on Thrills Casino? Look here first, we will post the best Thrills Casino free spins offers available at the moment.

The first thing you will find when you log on to any online casino is the free spins feature. They are highlighted, like a special welcome bonus, to attract you. The casinos want you to take the next step, register with them, and hit the free spins. What happens next is that you find out that the spins are not actually ‘free’ as promised.

This is where the free spins offered by Thrills Casino is offering a new dimension to the same old concept.

Not Just Free Spins, But Super Spins

There is nothing new about free spins. In a majority of the cases, they are not even free, requiring you to play games and bet to activate the feature or unlock your wins. Thrills Casino has taken this tried and tested concept and presented it in an original, innovative manner. This way, there is a sense of anticipation and excitement, instead of the usual expectations. When you see Super Spins on the welcome page, you are indeed tempted to see what they are about. One thing we can say is that you will not be disappointed.

Instead of presenting you with the regular fare, Thrills Casino has jacked up a fan favourite and made it their very own. The ones who will benefit the most are the players. They can certainly look forward to getting more for absolutely zero investment. You read that right.

What’s at play here is not your run of the mill rewards, but a very impressive amount that offers 10 times what the competition is offering. Now you may think that Thrills is a bit bonkers for serving up this kind of generosity, but get to know them a bit more and you will not be surprised.

Enter A Madcap World

One reason why the online casino is offering Super Spins is that it is in line with the kind of image they want to create. When you log on to the site, you will realize that crazy is the ‘normal’ here.

Right off the bat you are introduced to an old codger, who is probably the mascot of the casino. And not without reason. He seems to have been a pilot in his early days, with his oversized goggles and retro headgear. Take a closer look and you will see that he is missing a front tooth. This is perhaps indicative of the wild adventures he’s had, and also symbolic of a touch of crazy that Thrills Casino exhibits. The old codger promises to take us all on a wild ride, and he doesn’t fail.

There are other, equally interesting characters, such as a beautiful woman who has a flowing beard, and a mysterious magician/wizard with glowering eyes and no face.

What all of this leads to is a casino brand that is unafraid to experiment and put itself out there.

The same can be said of their Super Spins.

They Are Free, For Real

Just to extend the point that we made earlier, most of the free spins are not actually ‘free’. You will very often find hidden clauses or activation stages that were not mentioned at the beginning. For example, the casino can block you from claiming your rewards unless you spend a certain number of hours playing games or bet a certain amount of money. With Thrills Casino, you get the real deal.

Straight up, the casino offers you 20 Super Spins that you can use on the Starburst slot. No questions asked. There is no fine print, or secret steps that you need to take to access the feature. Simply log in and get a taste of the Thrills life. The best part is that each Super Spin is worth €1.

How this feature works is that you get to spend 4 Super Spins over the course of five days on the Starburst slot. All the wins that you accrue are yours to keep, without any strings attached.

And this is just the beginning.

More Free Spins, More Rewards

The first batch of free spins is just a teaser of what’s in store for you at Thrills. The more you play at the online casino the more freebies and rewards you can expect. And all you have to do to access these is to undertake two simple steps:

  • Step One – Create a free account with the website. This can be done in lightning quick manner. The registration does not involve any money.
  • Step Two – Do the deposit. Thrills seeks a minimum of €20 as an initial deposit. But this money will find its way back to you in the form of Super Spins and betting cash.

You get 20 Super Spins as a welcome, and then you can stand to unlock an impressive 250 free spins, depending on the amount you deposit.{:}{:sv}Letar du efter free spins på Thrills Casino? Kika alltid på först – vi listar de hetaste, bästa och senaste free spins-erbjudanden tillgängliga för Thrills Casino.